Switch between Mac & PC - Windows on a Mac

No need for two machines

With the current generation of Apple desktops and laptops using the powerful Intel 'Dual Core 2' processing chip, we can now set up and configure your Apple machine to become a Microsoft Windows machine at the flick of a switch - with VM Ware software.

Greater choice of software

When you fully utilise your existing Apple Mac as a Windows PC, you can run any Windows applications and all Windows supported functions. Now you can easily access the much larger range and choice that is available in the Windows environment, including specialist applications that are only Windows compatible.

Improved performance

In our experience some Windows PC applications will actually run faster this way as opposed to having the machine in Apple Mac mode and running the 'Windows for Mac' version of the application.

We offer a full and comprehensive set up and configuration service including installing Windows, running any updates, and installing the latest Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software so your machine (whether laptop or desktop) is fully protected from the outside world.

Arrange a Demo

The technology is truly impressive and very stable. If you would like to see it in action please call and we will arrange a demo at your convenience. We can also run through any questions about this exciting technology and give you an accurate costing. We can carry out the installation at your premises or in our workshop in Notting Hill Gate - whichever is easier for you.

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