W8 Apple Mac Support: Kensington

CBN have been working with Macs for 23 years. Our apple centre is based in London's West End.

Quick off the mark

We have a 1 hour response time available, even at weekends.

We keep a stock of replacement machines in case we have to leave you without your Mac, and we can get your working machine back you after the weekend or even the next day.

Get it fixed over the phone

If your internet is still working then our remote desktop software can give an engineer access to your machine to fault find and fix straight away.

Proud to be Mac only

We don't dabble; we concentrate on Apple products exclusively.

This and our long experience mean that we have a large network of happy clients.

1 hour on-site response

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Mac Support London, The Print Room Building, 34/36 Hereford Road, Notting Hill Gate, London W2 5AJ - telephone 0207 561 3525