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Servers, Storage Devices & Networks: Mac Support London's Blog

News and features about Apple's hardware and software server offerings as well as external storage devices and networks (including WiFi).

» Choosing external storage for your Mac laptop or desktop


The sleek looks of modern Macs come at a price, and that price is not being able to upgrade internal memory. So what are your options? read article

» Reviews: Lexar JumpDrive P10 & Kingston Predator USB Mini-Drives


Two good USB 'thumb' drives, both at the premium end of the market. These drives (unlike many others) should be able to cope with wear and tear. read article

» Common WiFi Networking Questions Answered


If you're using a wireless network, are you getting the best performance you can from it? Here's answers to the most common questions we get asked. read article

» Review: StorCenter ix4-300D from Iomega


Iomega's new StorCenter network drive is a decently priced, feature rich and user-friendly bit of kit that deserves to be popular. We take a look. read article

» Review: The Iomega Mac Companion


The Iomega Mac Companion is an external hard drive with a difference; it will also serve as an Apple device charger and a USB hub. Our review. read article

» Review: Promise Pegasus R6 Data Storage Device


The first desktop storage system utilising Apple's Thunderbolt technology is here and it's a real winner - if you can afford it. read article

» Apple Scrapping the Xserve end January 2011


From February 2011 Apple's Xserve rackmounted server will be discontinued. Is this a decision to turn their back on enterprise users? read article

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