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Security for Apple Macintosh Users: Mac Support London's Blog

Posts concerned with protecting your Mac from viruses, malware, Trojans etc. Practical steps anyone can take to stop the worst happening.

» Everyday Mac Security Tips


It's true that Macs have certain advantages over PCs when it comes to viruses, malware, trojans and spyware, but there is still some risk. read article

» Common sense security tips to keep your Mac safer online


Here's list of things that you really should do to make your Mac as safe as it can be, and none of them need cost you a penny! read article

» The majority of browsers running Java are vulnerable


The majority of browsers running Oracle's Java plugin are using versions that are at risk from a number of widely-published exploits. read article

» A further reminder to exercise extreme caution with Java


Vulnerabilities have meant that a computer running Java could be taken over just by visiting an infected webpage. If in doubt, disable it online. read article

» Reviews: Norton AntiVirus 12 & Internet Security 5 for Mac


A quick look at two products from the long running security company; one an antivirus solution, the other a more complete internet protection suite. read article

» Citicised study say free antivirus software is most effective


Security firm Imperva has released a study claiming that anti-virus software is ineffective; the study has been slammed widely by the industry. read article

» Review: Norton iAntiVirus (FREE)


According to security firm Norton, there are now around 100 different rogue programs that seek to compromise the Mac OS. Antivirus software is a must. read article

» Sophos urge users to remove Java from their browsers


Security firm Sophos has advised users or Macs and PCs to "get rid of Java altogether" or "ban it from your browser". read article

» Warning: Java 7 vulnerability


Any browser with Java installed (a ubiquitous web program installed on millions of computers throughout the world) is vulnerable to a new Trojan. read article

» Review: Avast! Free Antivirus For Mac


If your budget means you really can't stretch to a paid antivirus solution, then we would recommend 'Avast'. read article

» OSX/Crisis Trojan ALERT!


The honeymoon's over: the school of thought that Macs are 'immune' to viruses needs to be exposed as a fallacy. Protect yourself and your Mac! read article

» Virus and Malware for Mac OS set for dramatic rise in 2012


Experts are warning that a dramatic rise in the number of threats to Mac users is imminent. What can you do to protect your computer(s)? read article

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