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General Mac Tips & Advice

Basic DIY mac support. Advice, tips and 'how to's for those that are a little more adventurous and want to maintain their Mac themseleves.

» The System Information Utility, and why you should use it


If you're the sort of person that likes to try to fix simple errors on your Mac yourself, then you should get to know the System Information utility. read article

» A quick guide to common error messages in OSX


Macs are famous for reliability, but even the best computers go wrong sometimes. Information on the most frequently encountered problems. read article

» Twelve things that will keep your Mac running fast


Twelve handy tips to help you get the best performance you can out of your Mac. read article

» True or False? Things that (don't) slow your Mac down


There's lots of good and bad (if well-meant) advice out there about keeping your Mac as fast as the day you unboxed it. So what's true and what's not? read article

» Learn how to make the most of your Mac's hard drive space


If you let your hard drive fill up more than 90% your Mac is likely to run slower. Learn how to prevent this with simple regular maintenance. read article

» Recover Deleted Files on a Mac, AND Make Sure They're Gone for Good


Not all deletes are intentional; a few tips to help you get back files, photos and music that you have either misplaced or didn't intend to delete. read article

» Basic Mac Support: Doing it Yourself


We'd be the first to advocate regular professional maintenance on your Mac, but if you're determined to try it yourself then this article is for you! read article

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