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Apple Software: Mac Support London's Blog

Essential, useful, or just fun - we keep an eye on the Apple software and apps you should be aware of, together with app news and developments.

» A Quick Guide to Running Windows on a Mac - Part 2


You can set up a separate, virtual, computer that shares hardware with the physical one; you can even have Windows software in your Dock. Here's how. read article

» A Quick Guide to Running Windows on a Mac - Part 1


Want or need features that Windows offers without buying a PC? We look at the pros and cons of the two options, and walk you through the first one. read article

» A quick Apple Mac browser rundown for 2013


It's worth experimenting with other browsers apart from Safari, because - depending on your individual needs - one might be a better fit for you. read article

» Review: PrivacyScan 1.2


PrivacyScan is a handy and affordable app that identifies any files placed on your Mac that record or display what you get up to online. read article

» Review: aText text-expander app


Not considered a text-expander program? You could be missing a trick or two There's a new player in this market in the shape of Tran Ky Nam's aText. read article

» Guide to setting up iCloud


Not have heard of iCloud? You should have, because it's a free and very useful service that synchronises and backs up data across multiple devices. read article

» Review: Macgo's Blu-ray Player


Up to now it's not been possible to play Blu-ray disks directly on any Mac. Say hello to Macgo's new Blu-ray App, the first of its kind. read article

» Review: Docmoto


If your business involves constant creation, reference, adjusting and sharing of documents then perhaps Docmoto will be for you. read article

» Review: McAfee Internet Security for Mac


2011 was the worst year yet for Mac malware, with security and anti-virus analysts noting an increase in rogue software. read article

» Review: iTunes Match


It was just over a month ago that Apple launched iTunes Match in the UK; here is our review. read article

» iCloud is replacing MobileMe


Apple's new cloud computing service went live in the UK last week. We give a quick rundown of the features. read article

» Review: Neu 1.0.1


An app for Snow Leopard 10.6 and above that allows you to create files as you go from set templates. read article

» Review: Quick Cursor 2.0


This handy app allows you to fill out forms and type into text boxes on multiple applications (or websites) with your choice of text editor. read article

» The Mac App Store: an Initial Assessment


Now that the dust has settled from Apple's launch of their Mac App Store, what are the pros and cons of the new system? read article

» Review: Office for Mac 2011


With usability and feature improvements over Office for Mac 2008, Microsoft have not just drawn alongside iWork, they have surpassed it in our view. read article

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