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Apple Macintosh Accessories: Mac Support London's Blog

News, reviews and explanations of the handy gadgets available to help you make the most of your Mac, whether you use it for work or play - or both!

» Review: Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock


Until now there has only been one Thunderbolt dock on the UK market, so Belkin's offering in this space has been eagerly anticipated. Is it any good? read article

» Review: HyperDrive HyperJuice 2 External Battery


Battery life is always a concern for laptop users, so the Hyperdrive HyperJuice 2 external battery looks like it could be incredibly useful. Is it? read article

» Networking and Wifi Equipment Recommendations


We look at two products that offer you the ability to build quick, stable networks - either in fixed locations, or when out and about. read article

» Review: Thunderbolt Display 27inch Monitor


Apple's new 27" flat panel monitor was launched on 20th July 2011 this year and is a direct replacement for the 27" LED Cinema Display for newer Macs. read article

» Review: Belkin Lap Cooling Lounge


If your MacBook gets too hot to actually use in your lap, you could do much worse than the Belkin Cooling Lounge. read article

» Review: A Look at the New Apple TV


The Apple TV hardware is basically unchanged since 2007. The second generation model is out for Autumn 2010 and the Christmas market. What's it like? read article

» Review: Apple's 27 inch Cinema Display


Apple's new 27 inch LED cinema display is really just an iMac without the computer. Strengths and weaknesses listed in our review. read article

» Apple's Time Machine and Time Capsule Explained


A quick rundown of Apple's Time Machine and Time Capsule combined data backup solution; the Time Capsule also doubles as a network drive and router. read article

» Apple's Airport Express Explained


The Airport Express is Apple's wireless portable router, capable of linking ten machines together. read article

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